When the COVID-19 virus first started to become known in China, we were very aware of it thanks to the efforts of residents in Wuhan uploading videos and evidence of the virus. This allowed us to prepare for the virus to hit UK soil, which it did in February.

We hoped we were being paranoid but we begun to prepare and so when the virus fully hit in March we were able to supply local hospitals with PPE including FFP3 masks, surgical masks, gloves, isopropyl, hand sanitiser, plastic sleeves and much more free of charge.

As the government caught up and the local hospitals didn’t need PPE in large quantities any more, we were still getting requests from individuals who couldn’t find PPE. We decided that we would launch a new company to meet the demands of everyone – Pretty Protected.

We offer lockdown solutions – from PPE to items to keep children entertained, but we also a lot of makeup because we know that pampering is an important part of mental well-being.

Everything is in stock in our Wales stockroom, we post orders Monday to Friday and we operate 9-5. NHS staff all get a very generous discount, just get in touch.

Why choose us?

  1. We have 21 years of experience of online retail
  2. We are UK based and pay UK tax
  3. Professional packaging and professional service
  4. Discount for NHS workers
  5. Flat rate postage – buy one item or the whole shop for one postage price
  6. Fast dispatch – all items dispatched within two working days
  7. Name brands at low prices

Pretty Protected may be new, but we aim to be the best.